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ZAR 57 Twin

The Twin version has building characteristics Ihat are the same as the ones ol ZAR 57. except tor the console. Conceived in order to offer maximum comfort and practicality for the pilot and co-pilot, the Twin console has more usable space than model 57 without reducing the qualities of the one-sealer console.The driving space remains located in the middle of the boat in both longitudinal and transversal directions for total control of the means. It isn't a single console, but a single one enlarged but divided in two separate blocks. For the pilot: driver's place with high ergonomic qualities and optimum steering wheel and instrument angulation that offers excellent standing or sitting driving conditions, the position of the gear/accelerator lever is on the right.With thumb trim command, places for a compass and electronic equipment, electrical panel and watertight locker space. For the passenger: lifeline handle integrated in the handrail that surrounds the encircled windshield, watertight locker, a wide shelf on which the radio can be placed. For the first time the special attention reserved to the pilot has been also given to the co-pilot passenger. A console that once again can be considered as an initiator.


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